Paul Ryan Turns On Donald Trump In Middle Of Government Shutdown

Wishy-washy Paul Ryan can’t make up his mind. Does he support President Trump, or is he trying to undermine him?

Ryan spoke with CBS’ John Dickerson Sunday and threw the president under the bus. The talking heads are currently riled up over an anti-illegal immigration ad released by the administration. The ad bluntly explains that Democrats will be complicit in murder if they don’t step up to the plate and help curb illegal immigration.

Dickerson pestered Ryan about the controversial ad, and instead of presenting a united front, Ryan showed how fractured the Republican party really is.

“Well, they’re certainly not helping us keep the government open,” he said slyly when Dickerson asked if he agreed with the ad’s sentiments.

“They’re certainly not helping us on a solution to immigration. When you shut down the government and stop negotiating on immigration reform, they are complicit with not getting things done.”

That’s not a real answer, and Dickerson didn’t accept it.

“Are Democrats complicit?” Dickerson asked again.

“I’m not going to comment,” Ryan replied. “I just saw that. I don’t know if that’s necessarily productive. It’s no secret the president has strong views on immigration. But what is not productive is a pointless government shutdown that the Senate Democrats have foisted on this country.”

Loyalty isn’t Ryan’s strong point. He’s a typical politician, too afraid of losing votes to stand up for what’s right. The immigration debate has grown so fierce that it’s shut down the government. Democrats need a wake-up call, and Trump gave it to them.

The shutdown is harming both parties. Americans are losing trust in Washington, D.C. President Trump rules the White House and Republicans are in control of Congress, but still, nothing is getting down. There’s too much corruption.

Once the shutdown is over, Ryan will probably go back to paying lip-service to Trump. He’s only turned against him now because people are so angry about the current state of politics.

(Source: Daily Beast)