Only ONE Person Can Put Hillary Behind Bars, And It’s Exactly Who You Think.

Everyone is up in arms over the Hillary verdict brought forth by FBI director James Comey. What everyone, including us, has temporarily forgotten is that there is another way to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if there was intent to violate the law. Hillary Clinton knowingly violated the law and had “gross negligence” when it came to highly classified emails. Under any law in the entirety of the United States, you don’t need intent to prove someone guilty, you just need evidence they were careless and purposefully reckless. Hillary was both of those things. So how do we still charge her?

Elect Donald Trump. In the video below, you’ll see former New York City Mayor, and former Justice Department employee, Rudy Giuliani talk about what laws Clinton violated and how Trump could take her down! The fireworks start around 4:00.

Months ago Trump promised to go after Clinton is he was elected. It’s no different now. If he becomes president, he can appoint an Attorney General to go after her and put her behind bars and stop all this The-Clintons-Are-Above-The-Law bull****.

So here’s yet ANOTHER reason to vote for Trump. You vote him in, Hillary is brought to the justice that she so rightfully deserves.

(Source: YouTube)

h/t to The Proud Conservative