One Country Discovered A GREAT Way To Get Rid Of Muslim Immigrants! WHOA!

I think we should implement this system immediately.

Apparently, Austria is now paying Muslim immigrants that have come to their country to seek refuge from the violence in the middle east to go home.

That’s right, they’re telling them to get out and as an added bonus they get a few sheckles.

For a scant 500 euros (about $650), Austria says thanks for coming, but you’re not wanted here because you don’t fit in with our society and you’re ruining our towns. Now get out.

Migrants who find Europe not to be the land of milk and honey they expected will be able to receive repatriation assistance from the Austrian government from this year.

The development is part of a package of changes which the government in Vienna hopes will help them hit a new target of 50,00 migrants leaving the country by 2019.

Thats a good start, but I hope it catches on in every country. Send them back to where they came from and tell them to stop raping and pillaging in societies that they don’t assimilate to.

While the announcment has been reported sensationally as 50,000 deportations, it seems many of the newly arrived migrants will go voluntarily, with a  bumper load of government pocket money to see them on their way. The full €500 will only be available if the migrant makes the decision to go quickly, and before the government rules on their asylum case. The government will also place adverts in media in migrant-origin countires and on social media in migrant languages telling them to stay at home, reports Kronen Zeitung.

That’s great news! Let’s hope the GOP, when they take the White House later this year, sees this as an opportunity to reverse Obama’s terrible decision to let in muslim migrants in 2016.

(Source: Breitbart)