Obama Thinks Welfare Is Way Better Than Having A Job

The Obama administration has made it so easy for people to be on welfare that it’s now, when compared to other entry level jobs, the highest paying of the bunch. So let’s get this straight: not only is it easier for people to do nothing, it’s more profitable. Also, they’re the first people to vote Democrat to keep the government handouts rolling in. It’s a vicious cycle that breeds ignorance and horrible politicians.

Right Wing News has the stats to back it up.

38 states now pay better on welfare than if you go get an entry-level job. That’s staggering and horrifying. What happens when those checks just stop one day when the money runs out? And you know it will. There will be riots and chaos in the streets. People get mean and ugly when they get hungry. Welfare was intended as a safety net – a stop gap when catastrophe hits you economically. Not as a permanent vacation fund. These people get used to living in poverty and getting hand outs to just get by. It becomes a way of life. It creates crime and slums and a whole host of evil side effects. This is the ‘change’ Obama has pushed on America and it is toxic. He has turned America into a nation of takers instead of creators. It’s Marxism and it is the decline of America in motion.

Thanks liberals! Now we get to pay freeloaders with our tax money when what they should be doing is getting a job! Unreal. I keep saying it, but I’m going to continue to until the election: we have to make a point to get out there and vote a Republican conservative into office this election. Our tax dollars deserve to be spent better elsewhere.