Obama Rigged Hillary’s FBI Investigation, But AMERICA Came To Knock Them BOTH Out!

With the news that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner and pathological liar, had been found guilty of wrongdoing, everyone that supports the idea of truth and justice breathed a sigh of relief. For that brief moment, you felt that this was the time justice would deliver a swift figurative roundhouse kick to the back of that lying shrew’s aging skull.

However, reality set in, and the President was no other than Barack Hussein Obama – a politician so entrenched in special interests and socialist dogma that he would never let a mainstay establishment politician like Hillary ever serve a day in prison.

I guess it was simply a coincidence that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch in a private plane before the hearing for nearly an hour. I guess it was also a coincidence that Hillary got a taxpayer-funded ride on Air Force One to her next campaign stop, where Barack Obama would talk about how great she was for the country, despite the FBI finding everything they were looking for in the investigation.

This was a gross miscarriage of justice, but it can’t go on forever, and the people haven’t taken this laying down. More than 100,000 signatures today made their way on an official White House petition to overturn the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she broke federal law. Here’s what it states:

Secretary of State Clinton was in direct violation of the agreement between her and the United States of American outlined on the Standard Form 312, section 4. She sent classified information outside of a server with the classification needed to keep the information she was sending secure. Her actions have created a major security violation and could potentially be used by enemies of the state. This petition is being used to reverse the FBI decision and have HRC charged with all of the aforementioned charges, along with any others that are outlined in the SF 312.

It will be seen by the White House, and even if nothing is done by this lame duck President, you’d better believe that President Trump will put her ass behind bars.

So, the way to get Hillary into Prison is threefold:

1: Share this post with the button at the bottom of the post.

2. Sign the Official White House petition by clicking here.

3. Vote Trump like your life depends on it.

Stay safe, America. Remember, we’re bigger than one crook.