New Study Reveals How Many Illegal Immigrants Are Violent Gang Members. You Won’t See This On CNN.

Criminal illegals are abusing America’s generosity and feeding off of the system. The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) recently found that 28 percent of the undocumented minors in their care were affiliated with gangs.

Funds gleaned from our paychecks are being used to house these criminal children. The Obama administration introduced policies that encouraged minors to attempt to cross the border. We’re still dealing with the consequences.

Young people who become entangled in gangs are unlikely to ever free themselves. Their minds become warped as they become inured to violence. Letting teenage gang members reside in America illegally will come back to bite us in the future.

MS-13, a particularly lethal Central American gang, is currently thriving in the U.S. Many of the youths in ORR’s care are already members. The left likes to pat themselves on the back and pretend that they’re doing something good with their insane immigration policies, but they’re actually causing considerable damage.

A young boy joins a gang because he’s searching for an identity and can’t see any other options. By incentivizing young people to enter the U.S. illegally Democrats are throwing those kids’ fates into the hands of human smugglers and drug traffickers. If they’re caught, they’re segregated and sent to an ORR facility.

Everyone surrounding a young illegal is often a criminal. Is it any surprise then that so many are attracted to gangs?

“The ORR director said that of the 59,170 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors referred to ORR in Fiscal Year 2016, 95 percent were from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, all of which are nationalities that MS-13 recruits from,” the Daily Caller reports.

We need to secure our borders. It’s the only way to protect ourselves from further infiltration by gang members. Let’s just hope that we build the border wall soon.

(Source: Daily Caller)