Nancy Pelosi: Tax Cuts Are ‘Unpatriotic’

In theory, Congress is supposed to be home to some of the more intelligent people in the country. People that truly have our nation and the citizens’ interests at heart. However, if one were to survey Congress as it stands, they’d be hard-pressed not to descend into an incurable depression.

It seems that members of Congress with integrity and intelligence are significant outliers, compared to the litany of corrupt and senile saboteurs that make up most of the body. Leading the gaggle of dimwits is none other than the far-Left Nancy Pelosi, who takes every opportunity afforded to her to remind the public how shameful and asinine she is. For some reason, Nancy held a town hall in Texas on Tuesday, where she once again stammered insults at the GOP and its supporters.

As reported at NTK Network, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi targeted the GOP tax bill during her appearance Tuesday, saying that it was “unpatriotic.”

We could have, as we’ve done before, written a tax bill in a bipartisan way that had transparency that people could see what it was about,” Pelosi said about the GOP tax bill.

Pelosi said that instead, Republicans passed the GOP tax bill in the dead of night so that America people would not know about the legislation, allowing Republicans to “pin a rose on it,” as she described it.

If what you’re doing is cutting the taxes at the high end and therefore not being allowed to invest in the future, you’re doing a grave disservice to our country,” Pelosi said. That’s rich coming from Pelosi, who oversaw the Democrat’s ramming through Obamacare without a single GOP vote, and after she infamously stated: “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

A participant spouted that the tax bill was unpatriotic, to which Pelosi agreed.

It’s unpatriotic. I wish we could have come together to do a fair tax bill, but it is about our country.

Pelosi then said that the GOP tax bill was “undermining” American democracy. “So, a budget, again, [is] a statement of values, it’s about conscience, it’s about justice. That’s not what this budget or tax plan is about,” Pelosi concluded.

Pelosi and her left-wing comrades want an unlimited budget that allows them to give handouts to various groups in exchange for their votes. Of course, she’s unhappy that she can’t further enslave future generations to insane debt.

No matter how many times Pelosi makes a fool of herself, it’s still unbelievable that someone like her was once a few heartbeats away from the presidency. This country is in serious trouble if people like her keep their hold on power for much longer.

Source: NTK Network