Nancy Pelosi Just Did The Dumbest Damn Thing I’ve Ever Seen

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi read a fake tweet to reporters on Tuesday not knowing it came from a parody account of resigned National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Pelosi said, “The inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people had blame that should be shared in all of this.”. The only problem is that this statement was not real and never happened.

Unfortunately for Pelosi she had failed to look twice at the Twitter account she was getting her information from,which was clearly labeled “Parody Account” in its bio.

Either Nancy Pelosi is unable to read or check facts and sources before releasing them on national television. Or she is just grossly incompetent in every single way.

Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) also made a similar mistake at the event, reportedly due to a story from the New York Times,which was also fooled by this fake twitter parody account. They even used some of the tweets from this account in their articles,presenting them as if they were genuine tweets and quotes from Michael Flynn.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also fell for this fake twitter account. As she used the word “scapegoat” in her tweet. The significance of her using the word scapegoat is that in the original fake tweet the word scapegoat was used as a defence of Flynn’s actions.

The Social media response to these delusional Democrats was even better.

These Democrats are embarrassing they just keep making a fool out of themselves.From crazy congressman complaining about Trump apparently invading Korea.To crazy house members now citing fake tweets in order to prove political arguments.

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