MUST-WATCH: Trump Protestors RIOT In California, DESTROY Cop Cars, Beat Supporters BLOODY!

The media says that Trump supporters are the really violent and disruptive ones. Oh yea? Well what we’re about to show you not only proves that completely wrong, but also shows that the Liberals are the true criminals here.

At Donald Trump’s rally last night in Costa Mesa, California, things got a bit hairy outside. Mainly because more and more we’re seeing how non-violent Trump supporters are, and how disruptive, violent, and just plain insane Trump protesters can be.

Take the video below at face value. You’ll see that the Trump protesters are vandalizing property, destroying cop cars, and clogging streets all over the town.

Yet this same group of people say that Trump is the problem with America. I think they need to take a good look in the mirror when they say that.

This wasn’t the only thing that made the headlines. An unidentified person apparently decided that the protesters needed to eat a bit of tire smoke, so he took his car and started to do donuts in a busy intersection right in the middle of the protest!

Here’s the shocking video.

If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a video of protesters trying to destroy a cop car by flipping it. They settle on smashing the windows.


This is getting out of control. The police made 20 arrests last night. All of them Trump protesters an not a SINGLE Trump supporter. The media loves to paint Trump supporters in a negative light, showing them punching people at Trump rallies.

What you don’t know is that the Trump protesters are coming in and disrupting the most basic freedom we have; freedom of speech. When Liberals and these protesters say that Trump is against free speech, tell them they aren’t interested in free speech. They only want people to agree with them.

Truly shameful.

(Sources: Facebook and YouTube)