MUST-SEE: Trump’s Daughter Ivanka Reveals What Donald Is REALLY Like Behind Closed Doors

Yes, she’s beautiful and has had an upbringing that most of us couldn’t have dreamed of having, but make no mistake, she’s one of the hardest working women in her field and grew up not afraid of getting dirty and working with her hands.

The woman I’m talking about (if you haven’t already figured it out) is the absolutely stunning and intellectually unparalleled Ivanka Trump, daughter of Presidential shoo-in and real estate mogul Donald Trump.

In a clip featuring a 25-year-old Ivanka on the David Letterman show, he grills her on what it’s like being a young woman in such a high-demand field, what it’s like working for Donald Trump on a daily basis, and what he’s really like behind closed doors.

If anyone wants to know about the character of a man, you ask his kids, and there’s no better endorsement for him as President than what his daughter said on national TV.

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(Source: YouTube)