MUST-SEE: Donald Trump’s HILARIOUS Impression of Crooked Hillary! OMG!

Let’s be real here, when one attends a Donald Trump rally, you’re in for a show. Trump’s rallies are more like stand-up routines with political undertones than the bore-fests that democrats put on, because there’s no point in having a public if you can’t get them amped up about your message.

That’s why Donald’s new name for Clinton, “Crooked Hillary”, is his go-to term to describe the lying politician, and in this just-released video, he does a great impression of her taking the podium and not being able to function without a teleprompter. Donald Trump might not be perfect, but everything he says is off the cuff and unapologetic.

Being strong on your feet is one of the best qualities a President can have, bar none. Share this video everywhere!

Ouch! That’s gotta sting!

(Source: YouTube)