MSNBC Host Wants Total Gun Confiscation In The United States

MSNBC has been steadily gaining a reputation as being a completely out of touch, left wing puppet show. In an effort to brainstorm about how to keep gun violence from continuing, two of the mainstream media’s finest are reviewing what possible unconstitutional decrees to rain down on the heads of law-abiding citizens.

You can see below what Mika Brzezinski and her cohorts have to say:

So, the options according to MSNBC are: Unstoppable gun violence and children in danger or total gun confiscation. There’s also a consolation prize that the liberals are willing to take right now where all guns must be registered so that the government can monitor who has what, and just where to go get them when they want to take them away.

I think this crazy lady actually believes that it would be OK to pass a blanket law that would revoke the gun laws of over 100 million Americans because of one abusive citizen. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

And to be clear, you’re not going to pass any law. You’re going to sit behind a desk and whine, while elected officials who have a constituency to answer to pass laws. And those laws should be ln line with the constitution, unlike what you’re suggesting.

It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to you. Even her co-host can’t deal with her flippant, patent answers that obviously have no application in the real world. What would be the long-term ramifications of the laws that she is suggesting? First and foremost it would probably cause a revolution and possibly a civil war. At a minimum, it would be a flagrant defiance of the constitution.

Her obvious frustration with anyone even mentioning the second amendment signals just how much respect she has for the law of the land. Apparently, the whole world would be fixed if we just went by the laws according to Mika Brzezinski.

Thankfully, these clowns aren’t lawmakers, they’re just disturbingly out of touch commentators. At the risk of sounding like a country music song I will say; we will keep our guns and freedoms and you can keep the change.

(Source: Youtube)