MSNBC Fires One Of Their Hacks After Tasteless Rape Joke

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has opened the floodgates across the country, putting anyone who’s ever done or said anything inappropriate about issues of a sexual nature on high alert.

Folks in the media are dropping like flies, as every week another person is revealed to be a serial harasser of women or to have said something offensive in the past. To “make up” for the turning a blind eye to Weinstein’s depravity over the years, we’re seeing swift retribution being handed out for both severe and slight offenses. The latest man to join the ranks of unemployed is a contributor to the far-left MSNBC.

As reported at the Daily Mail, comedian and contributor Sam Seder is being let go by the network after an old tweet showed he had joked about film director Roman Polanski raping his daughter.

The talk radio host, 51, wrote online in 2009: “Don’t care re Polanski, but I hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/a great sense of mise en scene.”

He’s since deleted the tweet, but thanks to the tasteless joke, his contract, which expires in February, won’t be getting renewed, nor will be scheduled to make any appearances between now and then.

According to TheWrap, the decision to not renew his contract was related to the historic tweet. The source said: “Internally there was disgust over the tweet.” Which is surprising considering what their hosts have said about conservatives over the years. But I guess they had no choice considering the current climate and topic of the joke.

The seemingly sudden attention given to the old tweet is due to recent reports that suggest the LAPD has opened a new investigation into Polanski, who’s lived as a fugitive since fleeing the country in 1978. Activist and pro-Donald Trump journalist Mike Cernovich noticed the tweet and it resurfaced again last month.

Last week on his podcast, Seder accused Cernovich of a smear campaign, saying, “This smear involves the willful misinterpretation of a tweet that I posted in 2009.” He then said that the joke was meant to show his disgust for people who’ve defended and apologized for Polanski over the years.

I will never be ashamed of criticizing those who would excuse the predation of women or girls,” he added.

In 1977 in Los Angeles, Polanski was charged with raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. In order to avoid prison, the director quickly fled the country and has since never returned nor been extradited.

While the joke is certainly in bad taste, it’s fairly obvious Seder was mocking those that defend Polanski. Even so, the Left created this entire situation by intentionally ignoring the awful behavior of folks on their side. Now, they’re being forced to hold themselves to the same standard they’ve held conservatives, even if that means on over-reaction every now and then.

Source: Daily Mail