MLK Jr.’s Nephew On Trump: He’s ‘Racially Ignorant,’ But He’s Not Racist

President Trump may not be politically correct, but he’s not a racist.

However, he whipped the nation into a frenzy Thursday after it was revealed that he had spoken disparagingly of African nations.

Democrats and Never-Trumpers felt vindicated, here was proof that the president is racist.

Trump regained control of the narrative the next day. He issued a warm proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and spoke about the importance of valuing people for who they are rather than what they look like.

“I don’t think the Present Trump is a racist in the traditional sense as we know in this country,” King’s nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., said. “I think President Trump is racially ignorant and racially uninformed. But I don’t think he is a racist in the traditional sense.”

When pressed, he told CNN: “I thought he misspoke, and, as I said, I think President Trump is not a racist, but I do think he is racially uninformed.”

That’s not what CNN wanted to hear. The network has been trying to convince that Trump is racist for a long time. It would have fit their story better if Farris had raged against the president and loaded him with bitter reproaches.

“I am not the person that the media is making me out to be,” Trump told Farris in the hours before issuing the proclamation honoring King. Farris, along with other black activists, participated in the groundbreaking event.

Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, the only African American in Trump’s cabinet, also attended the meeting.

(Source: CNN)