In Midst Of Controversy, Rush Offers Roy Moore Some Advice… And It Involves Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s not completely useless. Rush Limbaugh just found her a new gig.

“Judge Moore, you need to go out and you need to hire somebody who has a proven ability to destroy the women and the media coming forward with the allegations. And there is one person that stands above everybody in this regard. Their name is Hillary Clinton,” Limbaugh joked on his radio show.

Moore is currently facing down allegations of fondling a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.

“She not only kept the governor of Arkansas in office, she kept the president of the United States in office. She ran the bimbo eruptions operation. Anytime any woman came forward and alleged sexual improprieties, sexual harassment, rape, what have you, against her own husband, she led the team that destroyed those women. And there still to this day is nobody better. And she’s available. I don’t know if you could afford her. (laughing) And I don’t know that she would take the case.”

Democrats and Republicans are clamoring for Moore’s removal from the race, but the judge refuses to step down. It’s easy to understand why the left is willing to believe a story that tars a Republican, but why are conservatives being so quick to throw Moore under the bus?

“Every Never Trumper alive has come out demanding that Roy Moore step aside based solely on the allegations. They don’t even question the report in the Washington Post. They take the word of a self-admitted mess of a woman and the Washington Post over the judge,” Limbaugh complained.

Moore’s campaign says that nothing will make him drop out of the upcoming special election.