In Middle Of Feud With Military Widow, Trump Gets New Approval Rating

The last few weeks has seen the Left ramp up its attacks against President Trump. A day doesn’t go by that the media isn’t trashing conservatives or our president, but last week in particular did a lot of damage.

That’s because the controversy involved the military, which is always a touchy subject and surefire way to get on the public’s bad side. It all started when a nut-job congresswoman accused Trump of being disrespectful to the wife of a fallen soldier, a claim he’s fiercely denied. The media has reported the shocking claims as if they’re Gospel truth, which only makes Trump’s claims to the contrary look desperate and unconvincing. This ordeal is still unfolding, but the damage it’s dealing the president is significant.

As reported at Rasmussen Reports, in the wake of Trump’s supposed feud with the military widow, his approval rating has taken a serious hit. It was already low to begin with, but the media’s propaganda over the last week has really altered folks’ perception of the president.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 41 percent of likely US Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 58 percent disapprove.

Those are just the general sentiments. When it comes to more serious feelings regarding Trump, the numbers are even lower. Only  27 percent strongly approve of the way Trump’s performing while 50 percent strongly disapprove. This puts his Presidential Approval Index rating of -23, which is terribly low.

Trump isn’t the only one with poor numbers, however. Congress continues to be hated by practically everyone in the country, as it currently holds a 16 percent approval rating. Democrats and Republicans alike don’t seem to care much for the busy-bodies in Congress, who, regardless of ideology, can’t seem to pass legislation that anyone likes.

Obviously, leftists aren’t happy about Obamacare repeal attempts, the president’s tax plan, or the fact that the GOP is in control. But conservatives feel the same, as they equally despise the traitorous Republicans infesting Congress, who refuse to keep their promises and uphold the will of their constituencies.

While approval ratings aren’t everything, especially for Congress, it’s not good for them to remain this low for long. With midterms up ahead, and another presidential election before we know it, it could be seen as writing on the wall.

Source: Rasmussen Reports