In Middle Of Cabinet Meeting, President Trump Makes Huge Jim Mattis Announcement

On Wednesday, President Trump heaped praise onto Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. ISIS is nearly obliterated, and Trump believes that he and Mattis are the ones responsible.

Trump isn’t getting enough credit for his Middle East policies. ISIS has gone from one of the most terrifying threats in the world to a feeble group struggling to survive. Most of their supporters are nearly powerless.

“He’s knocked the hell out of them,” Trump said of Mattis during a Cabinet meeting. “Of course I’ve made it possible with what I’ve let you do, I think. Wouldn’t you say?”

Wednesday was a busy day politically. In addition to complementing Mattis, Trump bashed Islamic extremists.

“I want to thank General Mattis for doing such a great job with respect to ISIS… He and the military have done a fantastic job with ISIS. They’re essentially knocked out of Syria, knocked out of Iraq. That’s the good news,” Trump said.

“They (extremists) go all over the place. And I’ll tell you where we don’t want them: We don’t want them here. We don’t want them in our country… Tell them to stay wherever the hell they are. We don’t want them coming back into our country.”

Other world leaders agree that ISIS is nearly finished.

“With no physical ‘caliphate’ anymore, it will be much more difficult for the organization to repeat what they have done and attract so many people… That does not mean that the game is over,” European Union’s counter-terrorism coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, said.

(Source: Daily Mail)