Meryl Streep Is Retarded

Meryl Streep made headlines by standing in a room full of liberal millionaires and telling them what they wanted to hear. She took swipes at mixed martial arts and said that she was part of the most vilified group of people in the country.

Her entitled, poorly-worded rant ended with a climax, where she called for the country to stand up against Trump. What happened next was that the country responded, and it melted her like the clueless liberal snowfkale she is.

Gavin McInnes, one of our favorite conservative commentators on the YouTube channel Rebel Media, had a few words to say about Streep’s latest performance, and it’s the best take down I think I’ve ever seen of a liberal. Share this with everyone you know that isn’t afraid to hear the truth.


This is absolutely brutal, but I can’t look away.

(Source: YouTube)