Melania Trump And Karen Pence Love Fast Food Just Like The Rest Of Us

One of the many reasons Trump was elected in 2016 was that, despite his riches, he connected with the average Joe. It’s something that Obama, a far less wealthy person, lacked entirely, as he always had a holier and better-than-thou air about him.

Trump’s ability to sympathize with the working class’ struggles and willingness to hear their voices has been instrumental in his continued support. When it comes to his wife, however, she does seem a little more “elite” than her husband, although not in an unfriendly or unapproachable way. But she did a little to chip away at that image during her trip to Texas, as she rubbed shoulders with blue collar folks and made her rounds.

As reported at the Daily Mail, one of the more innocuous revelations of the Trump era is that the president has a love for fast and greasy foods. But who knew that his more seemingly high-class wife would be okay with it as well.

While visiting with first responders that helped out in south Texas after it was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey this summer, First Lady Melania Trump, along with Second Lady Karen Pence, visited one of the most famous fast food burger joints in the region–Whataburger.

During their tour of Corpus Christi, Melania and Karen pulled in to Whataburger for a bite to eat, along with the motorcade following them. Both approached the counter and stared up at the menu, with Melania reportedly looking like she was unsure about what to get.

While what they ultimately ordered is unknown, since the press pool wasn’t allowed inside while they ate, the journalists were gifted some fried to snack on while they waited. Jokes have abounded about what Trump would have ordered had he been there. He’s such a big burger fan that during his recent trip to Japan, he ordered one instead of enjoying the local cuisine.

The First and Second ladies weren’t alone on their trip, as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s wife Cecilia joined them for their tour. Gov. Abbott tweeted about the lady’s dining choice after he found out, saying “Looks like @FLOTUS is Texas savvy. She & Karen Pence dined at @Whataburger today with my wife the First Lady of Texas. They are here for ongoing help for #HurricaneHarvey. @TexasFLCA #txlege #TexasStrong.”

While eating fast food is likely a rare event for Melania, it’s still a nice humanizing moment for the FLOTUS. That and her interactions with those affected by Harvey will improve her image and add credibility to the initiatives she pursues throughout her husband’s presidency.

Source: Daily Mail