Megyn Kelly Breaks Her Silence On Tom Brokaw Scandal

NBC’s Megyn Kelly weighed in on the Tom Brokaw scandal Monday. The veteran journalist is the latest victim of the #MeToo movement, accused of behaving inappropriately with multiple women.

100 female journalists and colleagues signed a letter attesting to Brokaw’s professional, and gentlemanly behavior.

“It’s basically a character reference,” Kelly said during a taping of Megyn Kelly today.

“And they’re saying, ‘For what it’s worth, my experience with him has always been honorable, and he’s always treated me well.’ And I understand that because when you love the person being under attack, you want to say, ‘This has been my experience.’”

One of Brokaw’s accusers has kept her identity and her complaint anonymous. His other accuser gave an explicit interview to Variety alleging that he had tickled her and tried to kiss her.

Kelly compared the scandal to what happened at Fox News with the late Roger Ailes. He resigned as CEO after a flurry of sexual harassment allegations became public.

“I will say that the same thing did happen at Fox,” Kelly said.

“And the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s not in any way to impugn Tom, who I love and who’s been so good to me. Just saying, you don’t know what you don’t know.”

She pointed out that a lot of women came to Ailes’ defense as well.

“What happens behind closed doors … we saw it at Fox News. We saw these women come out [in support] and I remember thinking, ‘You’re wrong. It happened to me, your statements are wrong and you’re gonna be proven wrong,’” Kelly continued.

“I don’t feel that here … I love Tom… I think [support] letters like that can be dicey.”

The outpouring of support for Brokaw feels far more genuine than what occurred after Ailes was accused.

(Source: Page Six)