Meghan McCain Makes Joy Behar Look Like A Classless Fool (Video)

Take a look at this picture. What do you see?

A powerful, moving group of former and current White House inhabitants brought together by a heartbreaking cause? The photo was taken at the late Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Joy Behar, the shrill woman on The View who likes to incite pointless controversies, sees something sinister in the image.

“This picture made me nostalgic for the America that I grew up in, basically where there were statesmen running the country instead of con men,” Behar whined.

Meghan McCain was horrified by her co-star’s callous words.

“She was an incredible iconic first lady, and even just seeing President Bush shake the hands of everyone coming by her casket, it’s just like class all the way around, and their love story and I think that portrait, I think we can come together,” McCain said.

“I think we’re in an era right now where everything is so divisive and so angry and you know, even just like having dinner with someone who voted in a different party is a big deal right now.”

Instead of apologizing for her rude words, Behar fired back: “And why do you think that is?”

“I think there’s a lot of reasons for it, but focusing on the example they just showed is better,” McCain replied.

“I think if you’re looking at a photo, talking about the death of one of our iconic first ladies, and you’re seeing ‘drain the swamp’ and whatever, you’ve got a lot of talks with God you maybe need to have, and you’re really dark in a way that I don’t understand.”

Behar doesn’t care about being disrespectful. She lives to be divisive.

And why not? A lot of liberals are satisfied with lowbrow, mean-spirited attacks. People actually like Behar’s vitriol, they lap up her words as though she were saying something important.

(Source: Daily Caller)