Liberals To Meryl Streep: You Blew It, You Rich Hypocrite.

Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech earned her much applause from the Hollywood elitists in the room at the Golden Globes. However, out here in the real world, she is officially now seen as an out of touch idiot who doesn’t have a single thing in common with America.

Her speech is exactly why Trump won. We, the conservative silent majority in this country, were all sick of these liberal elites running everything, and now even liberals are turning on her and Hollywood’s whiny crybabies.

Piers Morgan, a fervent anti-Trumper and die-hard liberal, has, in a moment of clarity, gone on record saying that Streep’s speech was total BS. This is awesome.

Last night, Streep received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes, and chose the moment to launch a very personal attack on Donald Trump.

She began by saying that Hollywood, foreigners and the press are ‘the most vilified segments of American society right now’.

She then said that if all the ‘outsiders and foreigners’ were kicked out of Hollywood, ‘you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.’


I haven’t heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’.


For starters, the incident to which she referred didn’t happen last year, it happened in 2015. There’s even been another Golden Globes in between then and now, at which it was never mentioned.

Meryl, I still love you dearly, but you had a chance to bring your country together last night and you blew it.

In addition, some media outlets are replaying the picture of Streep at the 2013 Academy Awards, where she gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski when he won an Oscar for his work in “The Pianist.” Roman Polanski is a convicted child rapist on the run from the US government. He couldn’t be there because he’d be arrested on sight.

Here’s Streep’s “outrage” then:

At the 2003 Oscars Streep leaped to her feet and gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation.


Hey Meryl, this is how the world sees you. Go away to your gated mansion and stop telling the rest of us who don’t pretend for a living, how to think.

(Source: Daily Mail)