Liberals Shocked To See NAACP President Get Schooled By Trump Supporter On Live TV

This is what it has come down to folks, even the NAACP is now pushing the Obama-race-baiting on everyone because of something Trump said.

In case you missed it, the left went out of their minds when President Trump asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with black lawmakers. The entire problem here is that there is a group of black lawmakers at all and that’s what Jeffrey Lord debated Cornell Brooks about on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. Brooks is the president of the NAACP and got absolutely destroyed by Lord who preached true unity in the government.

Brooks had no response and it’s epic.

What Lord asked for isn’t outlandish. In fact, it’s perfectly in line with a typical leftist ideal of true equality. But the fact is that the left does not want true equality. They want to continue to divide the country based on race because it perfectly coincides with their agenda and it will continue to let them keep black Americans down.

Do you agree with Lord? Do you think that there should be no caucuses in the American government divided by race? Share this everywhere and have your voice heard!