A Large Amount Of “Caravan” Migrants Are Being Allowed Into The United States

President Trump’s immigration efforts are still being blocked by legacy Obama policies. Over 150 members of the migrant caravan that Trump has been railing against have been allowed into the U.S.

70 caravan members entered the country on Thursday alone. Men, women, and children. Every single one of them applied for asylum. People who say that it’s too dangerous to return their home country are allowed to reside in the U.S. while their cases are being resolved.

Ultimately, most of their appeals will be denied. However, while they’re waiting to see a judge, they have ample time to disappear. It the “catch and release” program that Trump has often railed against.

Of course, the left claims that the asylum policy actually harms migrants.

“A lot of people have cases that have been pending for three years or more who don’t have any idea at this point when they can plead their case,” said Robert Painter, director of pro bono programs at American Gateways.

“Their evidence gets stale. It’s very unfair for them.”

An additional 60 caravan migrants are in the midst of the asylum process. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered more judges and prosecutors to the border to help dig through the backlog.

The caravan snaked its way through 2,000 miles of Mexican territory, gaining media attention as they went along.

The illegal immigrant problem isn’t getting better. As long as such lenient policies are in place, migrants are going to continue to stream into the U.S. Those who can’t make a reasonable asylum claim will just sneak over the border.

Trump is working to correct the problem, but he’s blocked by the left at every turn.

“Our Southern Border is under siege. Congress must act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws. Must build a Wall. Mexico, which has a massive crime problem, is doing little to help!” Trump tweeted Friday.

(Source: Reuters)