Kid Rock DESTROYS Al Sharpton For Demanding To Remove The Confederate Flag. What A Takedown!

Liberals will say that they’re about freedom, but they just want control, and they do that by race-baiting and shifting goal posts whenever they’re backed into a corner. Thankfully, all-American ¬†artist Kid Rock doesn’t stand for it.

In a segment on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Sharpton is quoted as doing what he does best, race-baiting and calling the country star a racist because he won’t remove the confederate symbol from his music.

(Source: YouTube)

Meanwhile, in reality, Kid Rock has donated more time and effort to Detroit than any of its black liberal leaders have in the past century, not to mention that it was liberal policies that created the mess in the first place. Kid Rock’s reaction to the allegations are on point – don’t give them an inch!