As Kanye Supports Donald, It’s Revealed Kim Kardashian Is Working With Trump Family On Deal

Kanye West made headlines recently when the rapper came out to support President Trump and what his administration is attempting to accomplish. This was met with a barrage of hatred from those that work with West, and many who consider his support to be a step backward for movements like Black Lives Matter.

This backlash has fallen on deaf ears, however, as West has continued his support of the POTUS. West, who was made even more famous by his marital alliance with reality TV star Kim Kardashian, may have just paved the way for one of his wife’s pet projects.

Kim Kardashian West seems to be following in her father’s footsteps and advocating someone who is behind bars. The makeup mogul began tweeting in the fall of last year about the case of a woman named Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a drug offense.

Kardashian West is reportedly working with Presidential advisors Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in an attempt to secure a pardon for the 62-year-old grandmother and has even gotten her own attorney involved.

According to TMZ, Johnson was given her life sentence in 1997 for money laundering and drug conspiracy charges. However, this was her first offense, and many, including Kardashian-West, believe that the sentence was too harsh.

When Johnson discovered that the celeb was reaching out to help her, she wrote a note expressing her heartfelt thanks, saying that she was “humbled” and that “there are no words strong enough” to express her “heartfelt gratitude.”

Her note said, in part:

“There are defining moments in history that have shaped the destiny of this nation. I believe that we are a part of a defining moment . . . This is so much bigger than either one of us. I believe that history will record Kim Kardashian had the courage to take a stand against human warehousing and was a key figure in meaningful criminal justice reform.”

H/T: TMZ, Mic

By Savannah Pointer

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