“Joyless” Behar Thinks Putin And Kim Jong-Un Are Better Leaders Than Donald Trump

ABC blowhard Joy Behar insulted millions of Americans last week when she claimed that President Trump was a worse leader than Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. The conditions in Jong Un’s North Korea are so rough that many of his citizens are starving to death.

“We have gotten to a point in the world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong-un and Putin over the president of the United States,” Behar said on The View.

“That’s where we’re at.”

It’s an insane statement, even for someone as admittedly demented as Behar. Kim, in particular, is often considered to be one of the cruelest politicians in the world.

“I know it’s like, sort of, funny to laugh at this but we are talking about genocide in Syria,” Meghan McCain said told Behar.

“Do you think Kim Jong-un is less moral than Trump?” Behar fired back.

“Oh my God… chemical gassing of children… Last time I checked, America isn’t doing that to anyone.”

“Kim Jong-un doesn’t do that. What are you talking about?” replied Behar.

Kim may not be gassing children but he has overseen numerous firing squads. People are put to death for trifling offenses in North Korea. The country also hosts brutal work camps.

Life in North Korea is so vicious that the State Department now forbids Americans from traveling there. An American student who stole a poster while on tour in North Korea was brutalized so badly that he was brain damaged, blind, and deaf when he was eventually sent home. He died within days of returning to the U.S.

Life in Russia is difficult as well. The fact that Behar felt comfortable making such horrendous statements in public shows how different the U.S.

The women of The View like making incendiary leftists comments. McCain was brought on the show so the network can’t be accused of bias, but the liberal voices clearly dominate the table. Behar makes a lot of money with her anti-Trump shtick.

(Source: Daily Mail)