Illegal Immigrants In Mexican Caravan Vow To Defy Donald Trump – ‘We’ll See You Soon…’

The illegal immigrant “caravan” trudging toward the U.S. hasn’t been demolished.

Mexican authorities aren’t doing enough, defiant migrants are insisting that they’re going to make it to the states. President Trump spoke too soon when he declared that the migrant horde was broken up.

“We’ll see you soon Mr President,” one of the migrants told a reporter tauntingly.

The caravan is receiving a lot of positive coverage by liberal outlets, encouraging people to help them make the journey. Hours after Trump tweeted that the caravan was disbanded, large buses arrived to help transport the migrants to official immigration centers.

Most of the centers are situated along the U.S./Mexico border.

Authorities also gave the migrants permits allowing them to stay in Mexico. Some people might be tempted to cut their journey short but a lot of the migrants are still headed straight toward the U.S.

“It’s his country, Senor Trump can do what he wants to. He can put as much military on the border as he likes,” a migrant told the Daily Mail.

“But when it comes to it, I will cross the border. I can assure you that I’m going to get into the US, I have faith in God.”

Another man added: “Trump is crazy. He’s racist. The National Guard doesn’t worry me, it’s all bulls***… I’ll be reunited with my family. See you soon Mr. President.”

The migrants are having a good time. They’re being flooded with media attention and being given handouts left and write. Bleeding hearts are calling them “brave.”

Some of the migrants hope to leverage the media attention into an asylum. They hope that they won’t be turned away from the border with the whole world watching.

They’re bound to be disappointed, however. President Trump has been very clear. He believes that the caravan is a threat to American safety.

(Source: Daily Mail)