Humbug: Woman Confronts Mall Santa – ‘You Are Not Even Real’

Christmas time at a Western mall brings out the worst in people. The hurried, stressed out crowds, the dwindling merchandise. Holiday shopping is a nightmare for most people.

A woman at a Toronto mall is now an internet sensation after she was filmed freaking out on a small Santa. She hurled obscenities at the actor, accusing him of not being real.

Take a look below:

“Do you have a sleigh? No? You f—g d—head,” the unidentified woman screeched.

“You’re not magic! You’re not even real! I heard about it when I was a young kid!” she yelled. “You’re not real, man!”

The most generous explanation is that she was intoxicated. She was too bitter to be joking, and too wild to be secretly working with Santa. She’s a grown woman getting into a public fight with a man dressed in costume. Her squabble is about something that most people accept in middle school- the fact that Santa isn’t real.

The person who filmed the video explained that the irate woman was quietly led away by security.

Santa handled himself well. He barely even flinched as she screamed at him. He managed to remain completely calm and not break character. His boss should give him a raise.

Society’s drug addicts and mentally unstable people are more visible than ever. The woman’s outburst wouldn’t have become national news ten years ago. Most people have a camera on them at all times now.

The woman probably desires to remain anonymous.

(Source: New York Post)