Hillary’s Campaign Didn’t Care That It Was Voter Fraud Until They Realized They Were On Hidden Camera

Apparently it’s not enough that the Democratic party has to fool the ones most vulnerable in society into voting for them by promising them the world, because they are no longer keeping their treacherous ways secret. Voter fraud isn’t just a tactic, it’s the way they do things.

According to Project Veritas, which infiltrated a campaign event for the Democratic party in New York (Hillary’s home state), it found evidence that people were double and triple voting in candidates without any repercussion because of the Democrat-proposed anti-voter ID law.

When the commissioner of the Board of Elections was interviewed on hidden camera, he said point blank – it’s because they want to vote themselves in and by law, you can’t ask anyone for any form of ID when you vote. This is exactly who the Democrats, who stump and campaign for Hillary Clinton, really are.

Watch and share this to expose the nightmare that calls itself the Democratic party.

Let’s make sure these crooks never get into office in any capacity.

(Source: YouTube)