Here’s What America Will Use To Beat The **** Out Of ISIS, With Or Without Obama!

Let’s admit it. We all have that Star Wars fantasy of being able to have a sword made of pure light that can deflect laser bullets. It’s just plain cool.

Those same light sabers in the movie can also cut through darn near anything. Well now we have a tool, thanks to the U.S. Air Force that can do the exact same thing. Minus the whole bullet deflection. The Air Force has created a torch so powerful that it can cut through solid metal walls.

This new cutting device is crutial to our troops for several reasons. It can cut through pretty much anything, allowing troops to access places they couldn’t before. It’s design allows it to be highly portable, which is critical in combat scenarios.

Unlike a lightsaber, however, this torch definitely isn’t an elegant weapon for a more civilized age: It’ll mostly be used by emergency responders, law enforcement officers, and the military to quickly breach through doors, windows, barricades and even hostile vehicles. Lock picking often takes too long, and high explosives are a shade too unsubtle, so this tool fits somewhere in the middle: It’s quick, portable, and exceedingly efficient.

Here it is in action!

Hoo-rah! Get some! This thing will revolutionize how our troops fight and take down enemies like ISIS.

(Source: IFLScience)