Here’s The Evil Reason George Soros Owns Black Lives Matter And Why We Must Stop Him

Nothing, it seems, is what it appears regarding Black Lives Matter.  BLM on the surface is a group organized dedicated to the betterment of the African American community. However, the Black Lives Matter marches may not be as “grass roots” as the drive-by Media would have you believe that they are.

The truth is, BLM movement is supported by the Open Society Foundation, a George Soros funded organization. Soros contributed 33 million dollars to the Society who in turn donated the funding to Black Lives Matter.

The marches, protests and destruction of property by the BLM may just be a contributor to the overall goals and aims of the Soros organization. George Soros has openly stated his desire to tear down capitalism and the United States on his path to creating a one world government.

It is difficult to believe that George Soros cares about the betterment of the African American Community.  It would appear that creating chaos, unrest, discontent and lawlessness is a path that Soros has chosen to reach his goals.  It is truly unfortunate for America and the Black American Community that Soros has chosen this tool to accomplish a part of his hidden agenda.

It is evident that George Soros only cares about George Soros and the rest of the world be dammed.