Guess Who Wants To Ban The American Flag Now…

We’ve known for a while that the Universities where our would be adults were getting their “higher education” might be a problem for those with any kind of original thought and (heaven forbid) conservative views. However, it’s gotten progressively worse.

Students at UC Davis have decided they want to remove the American flag because they don’t like what it stands for. What, freedom? Your right to not be strung up when you disagree with the wrong person? Apparently, it’s all about what it means to them and not so much about what American soldiers have fought and died for.

The flag terrifies them? That in and of itself is the biggest support of why the flag is important. They either don’t know the meaning of the word “terrifies” or are they just so charmed the flag is the worst thing they’ve ever seen.

Yes, of course, racism is bad, but America isn’t about racism, it’s about opportunity, an opportunity that is slowly slipping away from anyone that isn’t a “tolerant” liberal progressive as they make us into villains. The liberals want to ban more things than a conservative ever did, and it’s growing by the day. And who is making these rules up anyway? I know college campuses are kind of bound to put up with whatever entitled kid enrolls, but unfortunately for them, the rest of the world doesn’t work like that.

The Flag is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and if they don’t want to be associated with the flag, they should leave. “The nation is offensive” and we wouldn’t want to be offensive to them. That’s the thing about freedom, you’re also free to give it up if you wish.  What Bruce is saying is that we are doing them a disservice. We have gone from tolerating the temper tantrum in the candy aisle to thinking rebellious teens are ok, to sending people out who are the physical size of an adult but will be unable to cope with the realities of the world.

I refuse to agree that there is anything wrong with the American flag or that it stands for anything but generations who fought for truth and justice. However, if there were something wrong with it, they’d still have to honor it if they want to hold a United States passport. Sometimes life gives you a mixed bag and when that happens, you’ve gotta put on your big girl panties and deal with it. That, or leave and never look back.

It’s part of “adulting.”

(Source: Youtube)