Fox News Host Just Showed Clueless Liberal Rapper Bow Wow Who’s Really Top Dog

Former child star and aspiring rapper Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow made a characteristically vulgar move against the Trumps when he tweeted that if the President didn’t back down from his Uncle Snoop Dogg, they would “pimp out [Trump’s] wife.”

This was because of President Trump’s reply to his Uncle Snoop Dogg’s video where he pretends to shoot the President.

bowwow  The silence from the left and feminists has been absolutely deafening. Unfortunately because Melania didn’t choose an intellectual career before marrying Donald Trump, and because her past wasn’t a privileged American upbringing, it’s ok to say that she deserves to be a prostitute.

Many have said that if someone made this comment about Michelle Obama there would be a huge outcry, as if that’s a bad thing. That would be an entirely appropriate response to anyone who says they want to force someone into the sex slavery. This is not a contest of who deserves the most respect, this is a human rights issue, and every human has the right to not be pimped out.

But, since Melania has married someone that feminists and liberals don’t like, they won’t object to the threats. They won’t come to the defense of a woman whose only crime has been to support a person who has cut funding to their pet projects.

Yeah, that’s a good reason to sell her into slavery. Let’s show the world what a tolerant and loving people we are by letting a has-been punk threaten our First Lady with a horrific life of suffering.

(Source: Youtube)