Former Defense Secretary LEAKS Obama’s EVIL Plan To Help Muslim Terrorists! OMG!

Of all of Barack Obama’s faults, this one might be the most telling as to what kind of character the man has. HINT: it’s literally 0.

A new report has come out where former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has told his side of a story about how Obama ignored better judgement and threw America under the bus in an attempt to go down in history slightly better. We all know that’s not a realistic goal as he’s been the worst President in this country’s history. However, the fact that he did this will go down as one of the most illogical, back handed, slimy things a president has ever done as the expense of not only the American people, but also at the expense of all peoples.

What a disgusting human.


Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates revealed that President Barack Obama disregarded the near unanimous advice of the national security team and decided to depose then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak because he wanted to be on the “the right side of history.”

In a sneak preview of a much longer Fox News special set to be released Friday, Gates recalled one of the most egregious incidents, in which Obama decided to follow the advice of three national security junior backbenchers, rather than an entire team of experts.

The reason why will make your blood boil.

“The entire national security team recommended unanimously handling Mubarak differently than we did,” Gates said in a Fox News interview. “And the president took the advice of three junior backbenchers in terms of how to treat Mubarak — one of them saying, ‘Mr. President, you have to be on the right side of history.’”

“And I would be sitting there at the table, saying, ‘Yeah, if we could just figure that out we’d be a long way ahead,’” Gates added.

The removal of Hosni Mubarak has turned out to be one of the most egregious foreign policy disasters of the Obama administration.
And does Obama care? Nope.
In 2013, just a year after Morsi had been democratically elected, crowds in Tahrir Square were again calling for him to step down. This led to a coup by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, which the Obama administration refused to acknowledge. U.S. officials then proceeded to partially freeze military aid and call for democratic elections, prompting outrage from Sisi. The Obama administration has since softened its stance towards Sisi’s government. Amnesty International has noted that under Sisi’s reign, human rights have been crushed and disregarded.
So, not only is he responsible for putting American lives at risk by destabilizing an entire area, he’s helped a regime form that killed off innocent people.
Barack Obama, you are a sickening human being and you should be in PRISON.