Dying John McCain Reveals His Final Request Of Trump In New York Times Interview

Sen. John McCain isn’t willing to bury the hatchet with President Trump.

The 81-year-old senator is making preparations for his funeral. And rumor has it that Trump isn’t invited. It’s a sign that the breach between the two men won’t be repaired.

McCain’s home in Arizona right now, surrounded by friends and family. Last summer, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He’s faced his illness with grace and dignity, but he’s now losing the battle.

The White House isn’t being snubbed entirely. Vice President Mike Pence will be invited to attend the memorial service.

“Here John knows he’s in a very, very, very precarious situation, and yet he’s still concerned about the state of the country,” former Vice President Joe Biden said.

“We talked about how our international reputation is being damaged and we talked about the need for people to stand up and speak out.”

McCain and Trump’s squabble began during the 2016 election season. McCain tried to keep Trump from winning the presidency and constantly bashed him in interviews. Trump defended himself vigorously.

One of the most striking comments was about McCain’s military service. The lawmaker was captured as a prisoner of war during Vietnam.

“He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

The fight was vicious. President Trump isn’t one to hang his head quietly when someone casts aspersions on him.

McCain is moving beyond his earthly problems. Biden and other top Democrats flew to see him because they wanted to say goodbye.

“I wanted to let him know how much I love him and how much he matters to me and how much I admire his integrity and his courage,” Biden said.

“I wanted to see my friend.”

Trump hasn’t commented on McCain’s condition.

(Source: New York Post)