Donna Brazile Turns On Debbie Wasserman Schultz With Sudden FBI Bombshell

Donna Brazile is pissed. The debacle that was Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign nearly ruined the DNC. Brazile’s anger, however, is directed at disgraced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz rather than Clinton herself.

One of the problems that plagued Clinton’s campaign was the bevy of hacked emails that were released. The FBI attempted to track the source of the leak, but Wasserman Schultz ignored their calls. She preferred to bury her head in the sand and pretend that everything was fine.

“Debbie was not a good manager. She hadn’t been very interested in controlling the party – she let Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn do as it desired so she didn’t have to inform the party officers how bad the situation was,” Brazile complains in a book set to be released later this month.

Wasserman Schultz and Clinton worked together to manipulate the party into being all about Clinton. Brazile reveals that the party was “fully under the control of Hillary’s campaign… The campaign had the DNC on life support, giving it money every month to meet its basic expenses, while the campaign was using the party as a fund-raising clearing house.”

Brazile’s allegations have turned her into a leper among liberals. There are reports that CNN ordered its pundits to bash Brazile on-air. Attacking her, however, doesn’t alter the validity of her claims.

According to Brazile, Wasserman Schultz displayed even more incompetence than Clinton.

“She (Wasserman Schultz) seemed to make decisions on her own and let us know at the last minute what she had decided,” Brazile writes in her new book.

(Source: Daily Mail)