Donald Trump Just BROKE THE RECORD For Supporters! This Puts Him OVER THE TOP!

My jaw hit the floor. That’s the exact reaction I had when I saw this photo take at a Trump rally from Lowell, Massachusetts.

Trump’s reach is far and wide and even in a liberal state like Mass, Trump cannot be stopped. Check out this picture taken by a member of the Washington Post press team. This is unreal!


I knew that Trump had a big following, but this is over the top! The line to get in was just as impressive.  

Awesome. This quote, however, might be the best one I’ve heard yet this year about Trump.

The Iowa caucuses are in 27 days. New Hampshire votes in 35 days.  The time is now, and people are still showing up in droves to see — and cheer — Trump.

We know Trump is the front runner and the voters love him. Within 36 days, we’ll know if his efforts have been worth it.

(Source: Washington Post)