Disabled Man Brutally Attacked By Thugs For Offering To Help Pay For Their Food

In Brooklyn, New York one good-hearted citizen was taught a horrible lesson by the very people he was trying to help.

Two men were apparently a little short on money, since they were complaining that no one would give them a dollar. That’s when this disabled man offered to pay for their whole meal. The two became irate yelling that they had money, and proceeded to take away his cane and beat him with it.

Three other men came in from outside and piled on, all beating this poor epileptic, while others in the store kept right on ordering their food. After the attackers left, one man even went through his pockets while he was laying on the ground, looking for something to steal.

You can see the attack below.

In an interview, the man said that he was an epileptic┬ábecause of a head injury as a child. That’s why the 37-year-old walked with a cane.

Some are calling the man a good samaritan, but the story of the good samaritan is about a man who helped someone who had been beaten and left for dead, at great personal cost, while others walked on by. Unfortunately, there were no good samaritans in Brooklyn that day. Customers were actually walking over his broken and bleeding body, robbing him as he lay helpless and seizing.

One might kind of hope that these men were mentally altered in some way. Maybe they were on drugs or had been drinking. Sadly, though, there’s no evidence that there was anything altering or inhibiting them from their natural tendencies. Not human kindness, and not a fear of the law.

This attack took place in a Brooklyn restaurant called Texas Chicken and Burgers. Can I just say, that in Texas we know exactly what to do with the kind of trash that carry out brutal attacks on the helpless. There are enough morally upright citizens packing heat in almost any building to put the fear of God in this kind of scum.

(Source: Fox News Insider)