David Hogg Ditches College To Pursue His Future Plans

Remember the drama that unfolded when Laura Ingraham laughed at Parkland teen David Hogg’s college rejection letters?

It turns out Hogg had no intention of going to college to anyway. Why should he? The bleeding hearts in society have catapulted him to stardom. He now gives speeches and interviews as an “activist”.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting was horrific. It rattled the country and revived a dying discussion on gun control. None of that explains, however, why Hogg (one of the survivors) is now being hailed as the voice of his generation.

Yet, such is reality. Hogg is postponing college because he wants to travel around speaking about gun control. And he can do it without the risk of becoming a raving homeless man because the left is eager to give him airtime and pay his expenses.

“For ten days now, Hogg has been as permanent a fixture on the nation’s TV screens as anyone bar the president. In each appearance, he has been invited without reply to share his ideas on our public policy. This he has done, emphatically,” the National Review wrote in February.

“Among the proposals that Hogg has advanced are that the most popular rifle in America be federally prohibited; that the NRA be regarded as a haven for “child murderers”; that Americans boycott Amazon, FedEx, and the state of Florida; and that Governor Rick Scott take responsibility for the failures of another elected official.”

Liberals have given Hogg a platform to express opinions without fear of reprisal. His special victim status is being used both as a reason why the rest of society should listen to him and as a shield protecting him from insult. Challenge Hogg and you’ll be accused of attacking teen or brutalizing a child who survived a massacre.

(Source: New York Post, National Review)