Congress Just Exposed One Of Obama’s BIGGEST Lies EVER!

No matter what Obama says, ISIS is a threat to Americans, our way of life, and Christians throughout the world. And now, we have proof.

The House of Representatives just made a landmark decision. As ISIS continues to make the world a more hateful and difficult place to live for Christians, they just decided that ISIS is committing genocide against Middle Eastern Christians. And they did so unanimously, proving once and for all that ISIS is a threat to us AND religious minorities in the Middle East (aka, Christians). Remember when Obama said that ISIS was contained and wasn’t religious in nature? Yeah, this proves he’s a fraud and only serves himself, instead of our mostly Christian nation.

This is the first time since 2004 that the House has passed a genocide declaration. The last time this happened, it was in Darfur.

The U.S. House of Representative voted 393-0 Monday night that the Islamic State’s assaults on religious minorities in Iraq and Syria constitute genocide, a rare designation advocates hope will drive attention and action to the plight of the persecuted groups.

The vote was expected to pass, but even sponsors said they were surprised it was unanimous. Congress has only faced votes a few times on the complex legal and moral questions of whether heinous crimes qualify as genocide — and division is deep about what, if anything, the label mandates the U.S. government to do. The last time the House did so was in 2004, when it said genocide was being committed in Darfur.

This is a major win not only against ISIS, but against President Obama who continually tries to impede progress when fighting ISIS forces. Now he has no choice but to intervene and take action. If he does not, he’s allowing the genocide of people.

(Source: Washington Post)