CNN “Journalists” Refusing To Cover The Biggest Scandal Plaguing The Democrats

A scandal is brewing within the Democratic party and CNN is ignoring. Mainstream media pundits are quick to point out flaws in conservative characters but they’re curiously blind to the mistakes by liberals.

Outrage is growing over Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and his connection to multiple elite Democrats. Farrakhan is a known racist and rabble-rouser who has been caught saying white people deserve to die.

Rep. Keith Ellison, a name Democrats are throwing around as a possible 2020 contender, not only maintained a close relationship with Farrakhan for years but lied about it. Another liberal representative, Danny Davis, went so far as to call the controversial Islamist an “outstanding human being.”

At least eight prominent Democrats have clear ties to Farrakhan.

According to the Daily Caller: “CNN’s on-air coverage of the Farrakhan scandal has been limited to a one-minute segment on Jake Tapper’s ‘State of the Union,’ and one question that Wolf Blitzer posed to Ellison at the end of an interview in February.”

Tapper is one of the few CNN talking heads willing to call out Farrakhan and the Democrats who support him.

“It’s really not difficult at all to condemn this anti-Semitic, nonsensical bilge. Unless of course you (a) agree with it or (b) don’t want to alienate those who do,” Tapper wrote on Twitter.

CNN isn’t the only outlet burying its head in the sand.

The Atlantic published a long piece over the weekend defending Farrakhan’s extremism. Senior editor Adam Serwer explained that the black community was too oppressed to reject Farrakhan.

“They’ve seen the Fruit of Islam [the Nation’s paramilitary wing] patrol rough neighborhoods and run off drug dealers,” Serwer wrote, “or they have a family member who went to prison and came out reformed, preaching a kind of pride, self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurship that, with a few adjustments, wouldn’t sound out of place coming from a conservative Republican… [Many] black people come into contact with the Nation of Islam as a force in impoverished black communities.”

The lies liberals are willing to tell themselves to justify the bad apples in their party are astonishing.

(Source: Fox NewsDaily Caller)