Chris Matthews Freaked The Hell Out On Live TV When He Realized Trump Won

President Trump. That sounds good, doesn’t it. Get used to it, America.

Though, last night, you could see liberals’ brains melting on live TV as the results poured in. Everything was pointing towards Trump and the political pundits were freaking out – so much for fair and unbiased, eh?

One of the biggest liberal Hillary supporters on all of TV had arguably the best reaction of them all, and can’t contain his disappointment in his candidate. Watch below as Chris Matthews loses his cool and audible says, “Jesus,” when he’s realized that Trump won it all.

Incredible. We told you so, liberals, but you just didn’t listen.

Trump was on a path since the moment this started. The liberals put forward a candidate so rife with scandals that she was un-electable and the country responded in kind.

I think I speak for us all when I say, “Shut up and deal with it. You wanted a different outcome? You should have given the nomination to someone else and not forced Hillary down our throats.” Today is a win for America.

(Source: YouTube)