BREAKING: Scientists Find The Very Spot Where Jesus Preached! Hallelujah!

This is an astonishing find to say the least.

In Jerusalem, archaeologists have unearthed what looks like a small staircase with a few steps and a pronounced top where it looks like people would stand and preach. Given the location of the staircase, where our lord Jesus was born, as well at it’s age, nearly 2000 years old, leads one to believe that Jesus himself preached from these steps!

From WND,

The staircase is believed to have been a podium used to communicate with pilgrims ascending the main road to the Second Jewish Temple.

‘What we believe is probably someone would stand on the podium and preach to the people as they went by,’ archaeologist Joe Uziel, who directed the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, told WND.

The structure, made of ashlar stone, is located on an excavated Second Temple road in the City of David, an archaeological site in Jerusalem adjacent to the Temple Mount.

‘We don’t know of any other archaeological podiums in Jerusalem,’ stated Uziel, explaining the uniqueness of the find.
This is incredible news! If this is where Jesus preached, pilgrims and the faithful the world over will flock to this site to pray. I’m excited to see what they find out about this incredible discovery.