Breaking: Paul Ryan To Retire & Leave DC – Report

For various reasons, Washington has been in a more chaotic state than usual in recent months. The national sexual harassment scandals have spread to the DC swamp, sinking several politicians already. And there’s speculation that many more will fall in the near future.

Then there’s the Alabama Senate campaign that has turned into a disaster for the GOP, as the party lost an invaluable seat in a red state. And now the rumors are flying that the Speaker of the House is considering retirement.

As reported at Politico, reports are everywhere claiming that Wisconsin Rep. and House Speaker Paul Ryan will be vacating his post and leaving DC.

When Ryan first took the position as Speaker, he told folks that it would be his last position in politics and that it wouldn’t be “long-term.” However, few would have guessed that the man whose political ambition is to pass entitlement reform would fly the coop before doing it and at the most opportune time to do so.

With so many major issues on the docket in the months ahead, including dealing with illegal DACA recipients, funding the government, dealing with Obamacare subsidies, etc., it appears that Ryan has grown weary and no longer wants to deal with the mountain of problems. Then there’s his tenuous relationship with President Trump, which has been rocky from the start.

Many of these issues are of the GOP’s own making, by breaking promises over the course of years and failing to act when they said they would. they’ve kicked the can down the road and are now paying for it. Not only that, matters are worse because they’re trying desperately to appease leftists while finding a way to not get held accountable by their conservative base.

While reports are everywhere making it sound like a certainty he’s retiring, at the end of his press conference Thursday, when asked about it, Ryan chuckled and replied as he walked off the stage: “I’m not, no.”

Many aren’t convinced, however, that the whispers about his future are untrue. It seems that regardless of what he says, 2018 will likely be his last year in politics.

Source: Politico