BREAKING: ISIS Was Ready To Attack, Anonymous Kicked The **** Out Of ‘Em! WHOA!

Since the terror attacks in Paris, many have joined the fight against ISIS: France, Germany, Great Britain, and to some extent the U.S. However, there remains one opposer that can take out ISIS online, hurting it in ways many countries can’t.

Anonymous, the secret society of online hackers vowed to take out ISIS at all costs after the November terror attacks. They have done a great job in shutting down ISIS recruiting accounts as well as terminating communications between ISIS operatives and terrorists back in Syrian and Iraq. Now, they might have their biggest win to date! As confirmed by their twitter handle #OpParis.


YES! This is awesome! In the past, Anonymous has been criticized for their shady practices and the taking down of some networks, but this is something we can all support. We support Anonymous in their fight against ISIS and hope they take them all out. Let’s hope to see that video soon.

(Source: Twitter)