Black Radio Host Reveals How Obamacare Secretly KILLED Black People

The race to prove racism is still on, and with all the finger pointing it’s really hard to keep up. The liberals are constantly feeding minorities a bill of goods that things like the free market, manageable/sustainable minimum wage and equal admission to universities make conservative Americans racist. The conservatives are constantly pointing out that the liberal agenda is just using the minorities and crippling them in the long run.

As a “white identifying” person, I’m of course not allowed to voice an opinion on the subject but conservative political radio host Lawrence Jones is allowed to have one, and he uses it regularly.

Via Right Wing News:

When Wanda Sykes insinuated that the effort to remove Obamacare from law was rooted in racism, the Internet went absolutely crazy. Many people rejected the idea, saying that Obamacare itself was enough of a disaster that they didn’t need ulterior motives to want it gone. Democrat critics of the AHCA say that Republicans want to scrub Obama’s legacy from the history books (undoubtedly because “muh racism.”)

But political commentator and Blaze host, Lawrence Jones, says that it’s ridiculous to bring skin color into a debate that is literally life and death for millions of people in the United States.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that business owners were going do the most economical thing for them, and if that means laying off full-time workers in favor of part-time people, that’s what they’d do.
According to the State of Working America, the African American community has the highest instance of underemployment of anyone in the nation. Maybe part of that is by choice, but it’s a very sad thing when someone who wants to work is cut off because an employer is cutting his cost by not providing health insurance.

But when it’s easier for a politician to blame the dirty capitalist than actually fix the problem, you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what they’ll do.

(Source: Right Wing News)