Do You Believe The Conspiracy Theory About Stormy Daniels’ Necklace?

Social media is buzzing over Stormy Daniels’ necklace. She’s been wearing a silver pendant in the shape of a skeleton key. The porn star hasn’t said a word about the jewelry piece herself.

Online conspiracy theories are bubbling into existence.

Daniels’ wore the distinctive piece during her interview with The View as well as when she appeared at the court hearing for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer. Cohen is accused of forking over money to keep Daniels quiet about an alleged affair with President Trump.

One theory is that Daniels is trying to hint that there’s more to the story waiting to be revealed. Others interpret the key necklace to mean that she’s done speaking about the affair and has locked away any extra details inside herself.

What do you believe?

Team Daniels is loving the speculation. The main reason she broke her nondisclosure agreement was for money and notoriety. Her career is thriving, she’s approaching 40 yet she’s the most sought out adult actress in America.

During her Tuesday appearance on The View, Daniels released a sketch of a man who says she’s threatened her and her daughter on behalf of Donald Trump in 2011. The supposed encounter took place in a Las Vegas parking lot.

“I noticed him because he was sort of well-dressed and nothing about him alarmed me,” she said.

“I really thought he was somebody’s husband not wanting to be in whatever his wife was doing.”

Daniels is on top of the world now. Ever since her fight narrowed in on Cohen rather than Trump, she’s been triumphing.

“For years Mr. Cohen has acted like he is above the law, he has considered himself and openly referred to himself as Mr. Trump’s fixer. He has played by a different set of rules, or should we say, no rules at all,” Daniels told a rapt audience after Cohen’s hearing Monday.

“He has never thought that the little man, or especially women, even more – women like me – mattered… That ends now.”

The scandal keeps getting juicier.

(Source: Daily Mail)