ALERT: Syrian Refugee Goes Missing In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Every American in Louisiana should be on high alert!

We have breaking reports flooding in of an apparent Syrian refugee that has gone completely missing in Baton Rouge, LA. According to public record, 14 Syrians have been allowed to immigrate into the U.S. and settle in Louisiana this year.

…we’re told the immigrant left after a few days, and Catholic Charities doesn’t know where he or she went.

Catholic Charities helps migrants resettle, but it’s not their job to keep track of them.

This is coming hot on the heels of Governor Bobby Jindal passing an executive order to halt all Syrian immigration for the state.



Governor Bobby Jindal issued an executive order Monday telling state agencies to not accept the resettlement of any more refugees of the Syrian civil war into Louisiana.

Jindal’s order comes after the U. S. State Department said 14 refugees had been resettled in Louisiana so far this year, part of the U. S.’s efforts to resettle 10,000 Syrians fleeing violence in their country. The order also called on Louisiana State Police to ‘monitor and avert threats within the State of Louisiana.’

BE ON ALERT! If you see anything suspicious or out of place, report it! God bless you all and I hope everyone in Louisiana stays safe and armed!

(Sources: PJ Media and WBRZ 2)