After Billionaire JK Rowling Slammed Trump, Americans Pledged To Send Refugees To Live In Her Mansions

Many former fans of author J.K. Rowling have taken to twitter, offering up thousands of their own dollars to fly Syrian refugees to live in her mansion.

This is a retaliation to her very public judgment of President Trump’s efforts put a hold on refugee entry into the U.S.

She even took a shot at Piers Morgan via Twitter for his support of Trump’s refugee ban.

Rowling has been a huge proponent of everyone, including the UK, taking in more Middle East refugees.  Everyone, except apparently, herself.

Twitter users decided to see if Rowling would be willing to put her money where her mouth is, offering to fund sending thousands of refugees to live in Rowling’s personal residence.

Even “Gorilla Mindset” author Mike Cernovich got in on the action.

Rowling has yet to respond to this outpouring of support by loving Americans to further her cause.  It’s hard to imagine though that she will be able to gracefully refuse.

(H/T: Milo Yiannopolous)

By Savannah Pointer

Savannah Pointer is a Constitutional Originalist who’s main goal is to keep the wool from being pulled over your eyes. She believes that the liberal agenda will always depend on you being uneducated and easy to manipulate. Her mission is to present the news in a straightforward yet engaging manner, disproving as much liberal propaganda as possible along the way. She believes that we must stay as informed as we can because when it comes to Washington “...this is our circus and those are our monkeys.”